Community Scores

Access Score

Factors associated with the ability to obtain timely and appropriate health care services.

Physical and Environmental Score

Factors related to the built environment that impact how people get to work and the foods they eat.

Community Health Score

Find out the health score for each of Kent County's 128 Census Tracts

Ranking Communities by Their Characteristics and Health Needs

Whereby the Community Types were modeled after the work of Patchwork Nation, the Community Scores were modeled from the University of Wisconsin's Population Health Institute County Health Rankings that ranks the health of nearly every county in the nation.


There are four scores or rankings for each community in Kent County.  Click on any icon to obtain the  relative raking of the health-risks impacting our communities in Kent County.  The Community Health Score is a composite measure derived from the Access, Socioeconomic and Physical & Environmental scores.


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